High school senior running for Vancouver school board seat

"I’m trying to change this from the bottom up"

Youth leaders take the national stage

"where they attended workshops and meetings of the LULAC National Youth Board and met with members of Congress. Luis is LULAC’s national youth president. "

Fort Vancouver High School Walkout

"March organizers and Fort Vancouver High School juniors Lindsey Luis, left, and Myrainah Blancas, right, lead a school walkout to protest..."

Not all heroes wear capes

"Lindsey Luis helps the underserved students at Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies find their voices in the community and in their lives."

A beautiful impact

"writing and sharing stories is a way to take action. “It’s like wildfire; it spreads. If it’s a beautiful thought, it makes a beautiful impact,”

Voting Matters

"Lindsey discusses the importance of voting and using your voice... courtesy of Girls ROAR. "

Fort Vancouver students share stage with professional writers

"Lindsey Luis, who Jatos said should run for President in 2040, shared her beliefs in..."


"Students like 17-year-old Lindsey Luis... can spend nearly the entirety of their time in school without a single teacher who looks like them or shares their background. "

Crestline first-graders interview Fort Vancouver teens, talk about power of change

"Students from Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies,.. answer questions about how kids can make change in their local communities. "