About Lindsey Luis

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I support our educators

I was on the picket lines with our teachers prior to the beginning of my senior year. When we were urging stronger wages, smaller class sizes, and more resources for our schools.

I believed then, and I believe now that our educators and support staff should be treated fairly and paid rightfully.

I speak and listen to educators in our community, and will continue prioritizing so if I am elected onto this board.

I support

I've been a High School Changemaker for elementary students. Going into their first grade class and talking about very real issues these students faced. We spoke about how we need to work together to end injustices and hate in our world.

our students

I've gone into Vancouver Public Schools classrooms and taught to fourth graders alongside my friend who is an aspiring teacher. My connection to these classrooms is recent, direct, and personal.

I support

I've hosted many voter registration drives in these past two years. From hosting them in my school for example in our classrooms, to door belling around our neighborhood to ensure our community was registered to vote. I also attend community events where I help others register to vote and answer their questions.


I've spoken to various community organizations about a wide topic of issues in our local community. For example I have given presentations about the issues that our affecting our youth to community members in order to create a strong connection between the two. I advocate for a greater change in our community by emphasizing our work needs to be done together.


I have been very outspoken at many community events about issues our community cares about. I have been a public speaker, panelist on a community forums, a keynote speaker and anything in between. I greatly believe in being visible and accessible in our community. I will continue to be devoted to our community if I am elected onto the Vancouver Public Schools Board of Directors.

As a School Board Director, I will...

  • Be accessible and transparent.
  • Represent minoritized groups and misrepresented families.
  • Value students and their families.
  • Identify budget priorities.
  • Work to close the opportunity and achievement gap that our students face.
  • Innovate our district by encouraging sustainable environmental policies.
  • Listen and speak with the community about their thoughts/concerns regarding their school district.